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Hot Spring Hotel Bahria

Hot Spring Hotel Bahria

3 Star

The International Hot Spring Hotel is a ***three-star category hotel in Bahariya Oasis, the most northerly oasis in the Egyptian Western Desert and only 350 kms from the Giza Pyramids.

The family-run hotel welcomes guests to the tranquil environment of the oasis, with its fresh air, perfect stillness and almost perpetual sunshine.White Desert Tours, our travel agency, specialises in conducting safaris into the unknown Egypt, the Western Desert. If you wish to experience this 'Other Egypt', the 70 per cent of the country that falls within the Sahara Desert, then you have found the perfect spot.

The International Hot Spring Hotel and White Desert Tours have pioneered tourism in the Western Desert since 1995. Located in Bahariya Oasis, the hotel is the perfect gateway to your desert experience in Egypt.


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Nabila Tours & Cruises specializes in tours to the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean; such as Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Greece,..... etc. We offer private and shared tours to accommodate every client's need. 

We have been providing our clients with phenomenal vacations for the past 32 years.

Our friendly and experienced staff ensures a smooth, relaxing and memorable travel experience that you will remember for a lifetime.


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